Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thinking of Minneapolis the day before

Having been on the bridge in Minneapolis the day before it went down, indeed less than 24 hours before it went down really made me have to stop and think for a while. There were two women who died, the report said one was 50 and the other in her 40's. And I thought of my friend, Laura, who is in her 40's and me, 53. And wondered, still wondering, what were their dreams and hopes. Were they laughing and sharing?

My friend Laura had never even seen the Mississippi before, and one night we looked up from the bus and saw the moon over the Mississippi, yes, on that bridge.

The next week Laura was asked by Robert Lu of Ornament magazine to send him her wonderful beads to be photographed for the next Ornament magazine.

What would those women be doing now? Would they have gone on to splendor and glory as will my friend Laura? I am so sorry for their families and friends.

I finally put some pics up on my website of the "Nothing New" show at the Textile Center, an utterly marvelous place. I spent hours in the library looking at just a few of the hundreds of books they have on fabric and textiles and related topics. Stop in there if you can.

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