Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Henrietta and Ruth Ann

I wish I could have met Henrietta, but alas she is probably long gone. The old photos I have of her are all from 1916, where she looks to be about 20 years old. I am much taken by her since in every photo she is grinning or laughing, and it looks like her friends were always laughing with her. I wonder what her life was like and hope that it was as beautiful as she was.

She has shown up in some of my ATCs and one altered book, but I just can't seem to stop wanting to put her happy face on everything. Here is a necklace that I just finished. It's sterling. The black stones are onyx. The chain is fun, I used 16 g ss wire, balled up an end, hammered it flat, then put a hole thru it. The next link goes thru, with one hammered flat ball end bent. It's kinda wonky, but I like it. Everything got thrown in liver of sulfur (except the photo) and then polished in the tumbler. The photo is a copy of the original on some really good paper that I found at Jerry's Artarama. I wanted the shape to look like a torn piece of paper, what do you think?

Hope you are well, dear reader.

Barb V.

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Keri at Treasure Art Trends said...

ohhh, Henrietta does look like a fun gal! She would be great to know. I have a picture from the same era of three women on a cruise ship. They look like they are really enjoying each others company and the trip. I would love to jump in the picture and join them. I bet Henrietta would too!