Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My little corner

Right now this is a corner of the "studio", really the big bedroom of our house. My helper is Alice, and she would dearly love to play with something (anything!) on this table. But she has learned that if she wants to be on the table, then she must stay in the basket. I've tied a little ribbon and bead on the inside and sometimes she will play with this. If she starts looking too interested and not sleepy enough, then I give her a little eraser from a stash that is okay for her to have. Later I'll find it on the floor somewhere and return it to the stash.

When we move, the studio will be a separate building and there won't be any cats in there. But that's okay because we are building a huge porch for them. It will be all the way around on both floors, so that should be quite enough play room for them!

Got interested in Gothic Arches after hearing about the Gothic Arch Challenge from Keron Lee on the Yahoo group ClothPaperStudio. Keron has a great art blog. Right off I saw the possibilities for a book using this shape and have started two using some of the fab watercolor paper that I got at Trash 2 Treasures for free! (They got it from a dumpster behind an art supplies place that closed!)
Yep, they are various shades of coral, fuchsia and purple. So far. Just a start for the backgrounds. The other set is blues and greens mostly. With some bits of underwater map and water related old music sheets. Guess I need to take a picture of that. What did we do before digital cameras anyway? LOL! I don't think the second set is going to be a book, but will have book like qualities. I think a book that you can't open. Like an altered book that has a hole in it, only a handmade book instead. Hm, well, maybe I better just make it and then show you.

Hope you are well and happy, dear reader.
Barb V.

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Keri at Treasure Art Trends said...

I am amazed at the volume and beauty of work that comes out of that tiny corner! I have a whole room, goes to show you it's not the size of the room, but the size of the talent, which you have in spades, that is the most important.
Love your helper. I am so amazed they stay in the basket! what a hoot.