Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Minneapolis meanderings

The textile center in Minneapolis is fabulous! I spent three hours just randomly accessing books in the 60,000 book library. These purses were hanging on the wall across from the library. There is a wonderful gallery with a great show: "Nothing New". If you are in the area, go see it! (pics from that tomorrow)

Loved these purses and took some pics to share with you, dear reader! Hope you can figure out the makers from the attributions on the left.

My friend, Laura B., and I were in town for the ISGB Gathering. I just had to see this place and the Book Arts Center. Missed some good demos at the Gathering, but no regrets! It was a fab day and I got in a lovely walk too! Downtown Minneapolis is beautiful this time of year. My friend Laura, who is from Washington state, had never seen the Mississippi before. Her first view was early evening with an almost full moon!

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