Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So many projects!

How are you supposed to have time to work on your projects, and still blog? Hm. Well, someone pointed out that I haven't got any of my current stuff up here. So first I'm going to put some pics from two recent swaps.

These are the cards I sent for the Vintage Bird swap sponsored on the Yahoo group TreasureArtTrends. The base is watercolor paper, then various art papers and ephemera. There's at least one layer of acrylic glazes. For some reason, one color is never enough for me. These are my favorite colors right now, fuchsia and salmon. Or raspberry and coral. Some of the birds are from Dover CDs. Then some silk ribbon and a bit of hand dyed/painted old lace and some sequins. Somehow beads and sewing always end up getting into each of my projects. The beads on these are holding down the sewn on sequins.
Here's a journal page from a swap in ClothPaperStudio, another yahoo group. See - my favorite colors and sewing too.

Some lot of maps that I came across had this old technical drawing that was from the 60's. Back when they did engineering drawing by hand. So I cut that up and used it for the journal pages. It had a great old quality to the paper. And some of the pages had parts of the drawing on it which I thought was really cool. Can't wait to get started binding the journal so I can started using it. The pages that I got in return are terrific and make me feel like I could have done better. But since I always feel like that, I'm letting that useless emotion go.

Okay that's enough for now, hope you, dear reader, are well and happy and working on something fantastic.

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