Friday, September 14, 2007

The orange cat wears fuchsia

Since several projects are always underway, sometimes stuff spills over. Does that happen to you too, dear reader? The old lace curtain grabbed at Trash 2 Treasures for the Trash 2 Art projects got painted with my favorite fuchsia color. The lace was being cut up to use on the Red Queen (which you haven't seen yet since it would be unseemly for the Queen to be seen not completely clothed!). And these Gothic Arches were just lying there, and whoopee! doesn't the lace look nice on them? Don't you love when that happens? Remember the Textile Show in Minneapolis? Well this morning I was reading an old Surface Design magazine (Gallery, Sept. 2006) and came across the work of Lynda E. Andrus. Her Grandmother's cabinet is in the Gallery, and here is what she has to say about it: "My work consists of using mixed media and multiple techniques. I have crossed the boundaries of fine art and fiberart. I take an idea, then address the materials and techniques I need to execute it with. The union of fibers and fine arts opens up a whole new world of exploration."

Dear Reader, as some of you know, Barb V. is into walking and is trying to join up with a group who would like to do some walking somewhere fun like Tuscany or Provence. I'm hoping some of my friends from Green Mountain will want to go!

What about the orange cat? She had to go to the vet yesterday, and they put a lovely fuchsia bandage on her paw where they took the blood. She didn't appreciate it much though and we had to have it off quite soon after returning home.

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