Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fabric from Trash 2 Treasures

Wow! Can you believe all this fabric for free? Can you imagine that they were all going to go to the dump? Can't wait to try painting on all the beautiful white on white pieces, maybe you will want some pieces for your stash! There are sample pieces, small pieces, remnants and also some large yardage pieces.

And there was a whole bin of faux leather pieces. Will have to get a leather needle for my machine. Some pieces came with grommets in them, I'm thinking handbags for those! Could just tie some handles thru the holes...

Dear reader, hope you are well. You may have heard about the terrible crash of a twin engine plane into a couple houses near Sanford Florida. The day before another twin engine plane crashed, killing the pilot and co-pilot. The pilot was a friend of my husband and a very cool guy, Bob Cunningham. He had 37 years experience flying. Have to say that this shook my confidence in learning to fly. But I went and took my lesson, and fly patterns and faced my fears. Isn't that what life is about - learning to face your fears and growing stronger?

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