Thursday, July 12, 2007

Working with Green, healing the heart

Mid July, and it is devil hot here in South Florida! Everything is green since we had 7 inches of rain in June, which we desperately needed. Lake Okeechobee is almost 20 inches low, and we have been having to ration water. My Ruellas are blooming beautifully again, they make me smile. What hibiscus has bloomed, the green iguanas have been eating. We have at least three, maybe more, and a new young one this year. They love hibiscus flowers, I do not begrudge them these. The iguanas are a fabulous green themselves, so beautifully prehistoric!

The green pendant I bought at Offerings in Vermont at the end of May, with my new friend Linda. It needed something more than just a silver chain, so I created a green freshwater pearl and mother-of-pearl blister pearls necklace, what do you think? It looks good against black.

Green is one of the colors representing the heart chakra. Since I lost some very good friends last year, green for me is healing. Breathing in, I pull in all the pain from people around me. Breathing out, I return only compassion and love.

Dear reader, may you be blessed with peaceful feelings.

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