Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Perfect Day to Dye

One of these is not like the others!

Once, a long time ago, several of us held a ceremony to learn our totem animal. It was a girl evening, and so nice to be with friends. Even so, we all took it seriously and spent a lot of time seeking. We were to make sure that the animal that came to us appeared to us from all directions. My friend Stephanie found her totem animal to be a polar bear. Another woman whose name I've now forgotten found her animal to be a tiger. I don't remember the others. Mine was a small white heron or a cattle egret. Ever since when I feel somewhat disappointed not to have a strong totem animal, I remind myself that I get to see my toten animal frequently, whereas my friends have to dream them (or go to a zoo). So, isn't that luckier in some small way, dear reader?

Do you see what type of birds these are? They are ibis, a bird that seems wonderful because of its strangely shaped beak. Here is a small part of a flock in the side yard, where they ate for at least 20 minutes while I played in my pots! Do you see that one of them is actually a small white heron? I was graced by their presence, and when I saw that one was actually my totem animal, I felt doubly blessed.

I thank the universe for the lesson and the beauty of it.

Today was the perfect day to do something that seems magical to me each time I try it. The temperature was up again in the high 70s after a week of cool weather. And a more beautiful sunny day you couldn't ask for! So I filled up my dyepots with colors, no measurements, just whatever came to me. And threw in all the lace from one of the baskets in the kitchen.

Dyeing is so lovely. You throw in some plain colored stuff, and out comes a magical new piece. How old lace is transformed by dyeing, it's truly wonderful. Something different every time.

These are some of the turquoise pieces I'll be putting on my etsy shop.

These were dyed with cinnamon tea. They are so soft looking. I would use these in my altered art.

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Jacqui said...

Having just looked up the heron, it seems to me that the Heron is a very good totem animal to have guide you through life:

In Chinese symbolism, it represents strength, purity, patience and long life.

In Native American symbolism a heron is a symbol of wisdom because of its inquisitiveness, curiosity and determination, all good qualities for someone who is creative.