Thursday, November 27, 2008

Colors for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Aren't these lovely? Some flowers from our yard this morning. Uschi likes them too.

Here's a lonely hibiscus that our iguanas haven't yet noticed. Maybe it's because it is so cool today and they aren't active. We don't get to see all that many hibiscus flowers since they are quite the delicacy to the green iguanas that live here.

Some of the lace that I dyed on Tuesday. This is the same dye batch. Love how the different fibers take the same dye differently. Not only do I love vintage lace, and dyeing it, but it is fab to use in anything altered. My journals all have old lace and trim, sometimes for an edge, sometimes as a feature. You can use these pieces in crazy quilting, altered cloths. Put paverpol on them and make a sculpture.

I love how this old ric rac turned out. It was partially in one pot and partially in another. Then squeezed all together. Yummy!

This machine made trim took up three different colors and has nice variations. Isn't this a marvelous color? It would look great as a journal page edge trim.

How do you like that little hand crocheted piece? One color is great, but three is even better!

Turquoise is one of those colors that will always say South Florida and the Bahamas to me. A lovely swim in a pool on a hot afternoon. South Beach art deco. The ribbon on my Mom's straw hat from Guatamala. She wore it the day we picked her up at the airport - she flew home for our wedding. She looked so cute in her straw hat and cotton pants and sneakers.

More mauve and burgundy and pink laces and trims. So pretty!

Happy Thanksgiving! Big hugs to all of you!

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Susan said...

I love the flower colors, such lovely things from your yard. I could easily see all your laces on some of my CQ blocks. =)