Monday, November 10, 2008

Desperately Seeking Input

Help me find the perfect teachers for The Fernery Art Studio! What would you like to learn? Who would you like to spend time creating with? What types of classes would entice you to come to Florida in the wintertime?

What do you most want to create? Learn? What would make your experience exquisite?

Help me, get 25% off your first visit, and get entered to win the free 3 day workshop/retreat. Six lucky people will get a free workshop and free room and board. Happening January 2010. Leave a comment with your email addy, or email me directly at


Brenda said...

Hi Barb,
There are so many things I want to learn...PMC, vintage jewelry assembly, nature journals, altered dolls, altered is that for a start?
your place looks awesome..
brenda bliss

Barb V. said...

Thanks Brenda! That's just what I'm looking for. Gotta find me some teachers that aren't expecting so many students and $300 per 6 hour class per student. Wow, never thought you could make that kind of money in art/craft. Got any ideas - like yourself maybe? I see you go to Art & Soul, maybe you've met somebody that has been teaching, and would really like to do a small school as a break from the big retreats? Lemme know. I'll email you offblog too...
Barb V.

Ina Ftacek said...

Hi Barb,
I love altered Books,Altered art,Vintage, Fibers which I am wanting to especially learn more about,textures,clay, beading, and my love of fantasy art dolls also. I love paint and paper just looking at them makes me happy!Your new art retreat looks awesome...especially to this floridian...been looking for a creative place here in Florida and this sure looks like it will fir the bill..Thanks for your generosity in offering us fellow artists a chance to win a retreat...How awesome is that!! hugs,Ina

Carol said...

I am so happy that Ina said she just loves paint and paper. Isn't it incredible what you can do with them? I have become totally enamored with paper quilting, and would love to teach it myself! You can combine it with so many paper arts: collage, monoprinting, gelatin printing, and just plain painting, not to mention taking ALL of the above into Photoshop Elements and playing with them further! I live in Canada, near Toronto.