Thursday, July 3, 2008

Colors of Summer

Some of the things that are blooming now in my backyard. The corner out the kitchen window is so pretty now. The arbor is overgrown with jasmine, the alamandas bloom in profusion. The hibiscus bloom, and sometimes I get to see them before the iguanas eat them. We have quite a lot of iguanas this year, since we are on a canal and have trees (mostly palms, but one gumbo limbo) for them to live in. They like trees, but they love hisbiscus. Yummy! Apparently they don't care much for the alamanda, and it's not surprising they don't eat the bouganvilla. The bouganvilla have gotten quite wild, and we should probably cut them back.

We are lucky that the rains have started, we had a dreadful winter/spring drought and everything turned quite brown. But now even the staghorns are green. The good thing about the drought and the water restrictions was that our water bill went down a lot. Boy, watering the lawn uses a lot of water! Who knew? Well, now it would be hard to go back to watering more than once a week. We'll plant less things that need a lot of water from now on. Lesson learned.

Dear readers, hope you will enjoy a warm July 4th with your family and loved ones.

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