Sunday, July 27, 2008

Script It! BookMooch Journal Project

Green ink and Buddhist wisdom for my spread in Script It. The whole collaborative art project thing, assisted by the internet, has got to be one of the best trends our this time. Did it start with Artist Trading Cards? Probably not, but that's where it first came to my attention. Since then I've tried to do as many as time permits. Love sharing my art. Love having other people's art. Recently I sent out a journal in the BookMooch Journal project. Will it return to me? When? You never know.

I've had this journal a little longer than you're supposed to, but it took some time to decide whether to use fonts in Word, or try to do some myself. Finally just used some of my favorite fonts. Attached a glassine envelope to put in one of my beeswax tags with my personal info on it. And a piece of hand painted cloth. Since colorful fibers and fabric are part of my vocabulary, they had to be included!

Hope you are having a colorful day, dear friends!


Alicia said...

Very nice! I like the textures and the B on the tag is really cool!

Barb V. said...

Thanks Alicia!