Sunday, December 21, 2008

Art will get you thru times of no money better than money will get you thru times of no art!

(To paraphrase Fat Freddy)

Aileen, on Aileen's musings, a member of the Altered Book Club Yahoo email group, put up some free images on her blog. Thought this was a terrific idea for gifts for friends who do altered art, so I'm putting some images here today that you can copy and use for your own work. (If you click on them, a larger version will display)

This is Hanuman, a god and hero in Thailand. This is part of a huge mural in the palace in Bangkok. It was 98 degrees that day, we nearly melted! The ice cream shop does a very good business...

This burnt Buddha from 500 years ago, in the old capital city of Thailand. It was overrun, and never restored. It's beautiful and magnificent, and reminded me of the poem "Ozymandius".

The recent cold weather had the hibiscus blooming like crazy. I like to cut these out with an Xacto knife for use in my journals. Hope you will find a use for it.

The red hibiscus are particular favorites of the local green iguanas, so I cut some to bring inside when they started blooming. My kitten, Uschi, ate one before I even had time to take a photo! She had the yellow pollen on her nose, so I know it was her! LOL!

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