Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did you see this?

Did you see this? Click on the little picture to see it enlarged. The moon aligned with Jupiter and Venus - and it won't happen again until 2052. Very pretty night sky. Almost forgot to look, but I was taking out the garbage, and this is the view from my side yard. Guess that was my reward for taking out the garbage?

Here's a page from my journal that I just created using some of the handdyed vintage lace from last weeks dye pot adventure. The maps in the back ground are some of my husband's old aeronautical charts. They go out of use after 60 days (because things change that quickly, dear reader). So I get them for my art! I'll be putting a few up on my etsy site too.

Dear reader, it is tres cold here today, and going to stay cold for a few days. Don't you know I have to go north about 300 miles today too? Of course, it is even colder there. Ouch!

Guess what? I'm going to visit a pyschic on Friday. One of the guys working on my house told me about him and recommended him. I'll tell you what happened! Since the new house is near Cassadaga, there are lots of folks around here who go, it's not even a strange thing to do! Love it.

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Pallas said...

Nice photo of the cosmic show. My sister and I had just finished an afternoon of shopping together when we were treated to a beautiful view of this sight just at dusk on the west coast. It was spectacular!