Monday, January 5, 2009

Memorial for Ru, Queen of the Button Lions

I've always been lucky. I had a great childhood, had some great friends, married a wonderful man. And had the best pets in the whole world. Ru was going to be our mascot at the new place, The Fernery Art Studio. She was the social cat, the one who always came out to greet new people. She loved to be admired and petted. And everyone loved her. We miss her so much. I feel so very lucky that it was us she chose to spend her life with.

Her full name: Ru, Might Red Cat, Queen of the Button Lions, Revered Incarnation of Apop, Agent of Chaos.

She taught all the kittens Kitty Kung Fu until they got to be bigger than her. She loved to play tug of war. She would carry things around the house, howling at the top of her itty bitty lungs. We never knew why she did this, but she taught two other cats to do the same.

She was an orange female, which is rare, but even rarer was the extra digit on all her paws. The sweetest of cats. And greatly loved. I pray that we will see you again!

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