Thursday, March 27, 2008

Handmade Paper journals to trade

Okay, so I'm bored with posting only about my stuff. I'd like to post what art YOU are making. So I've got a trade. You get a handmade journal from my handmade paper if you send me a jpg of a new piece of art that you make that describes you or something about you, real or wishful thinking. Also, some short introduction of yourself and a general (or detailed if you feel like it!) description of how you made it.

Each journal has 5 or so pages of my handmade paper. The black one has vintage red plastic buttons. The gold one has metallic foil bits in the paper. The big turquoise-ish one uses handdyed silk ribbon (bought). Making paper is very fun, and I will be offering classes at the Fernery (coming 2010).

I will be adding and subtracting journals as folks pick which one they want. I hope you will play!

Barb V.

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