Monday, April 7, 2008

Ceramic Surface Embellishment class, Erin Furimsky

Learned so much at the recent workshop at the Armory Art Center in Palm Beach, FL. Erin Furimsky is an excellent instructor, and a fabulous ceramic artist. She is a full time ceramics instructor at Illinois State, mother of a two-year-old boy, and a full time ceramicist. Wow! Eleven of us participated in her workshop, where I learned many techniques that will definitely be seen on my tiles.

One of my favorite techniques was using a resist to paint on the leather hard pieces. You paint on green wax, or we used matte medium, using a paint brush a design that you like. Wait for it to completely dry, and then use your sponge to wipe across the design. The area with the resist will not wipe away, but the area around it does, revealing your design. Cool!

Erin uses a lot of subtle design techniques in her fabulous work. Her works reference architectural details. Her shapes are sensous and clearly she spends many hours perfecting the lines in them. She showed us just a tantalizing section of her handbuilding techniques. I was fascinated by her process. She first decides on the shape and then figures out which methods will work to get her that shape. She may combine throwing, slab and coil techniques all in the same piece. She would spend hours perfecting the piece once the rough shape is achieved. We all enjoyed her workshop and hope for her to return to show us a few more tricks! Thanks, Erin!

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