Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy Bee August!

Dear Reader, this has been such a busy month. First a trip to DeLand to see what's new on the house and workshop. Then a trip to Oakland where my friend, Laura Bowker, gave a presentation on a special kind of engraving that she learned in Murano. She told a great story, how she fell in love with the technique, built an amazing piece of equipment to do it, and intricacies of the technique. It was great fun to tell everyone that I was her roommate!

One of the days it was so clear that we could see from our window across the Bay to San Francisco. Reminder to self: Always check the weather when going to San Francisco, you will likely need a jacket!

Then I got a cold for a few days, followed by Tropical Storm Fay. Spent some time during all that working on a bunch of swaps. Made NINETEEN birthday RAKs for folks in the ClothPaperStudio yahoo email group. NINETEEN! That was the biggest month so far.

Next I started a bracelet for the bracelet RR in Adornmentz. Jeanne Brickman sent me her bracelet, which is a dainty little bracelet with no links, so have to put on my thinking cap for that one. Have some ideas, will post those next time.

Worked on the technique pages, boy did the bubble paint thing not work, have to try that again, good thing we have until October.

Then there's this Deco RR for the BookArtz group. This is my very first Deco RR! My theme is Bees, which I love. Bees are so important to our food supply, and most people don't even know that. Nor do many folks know that there is a very serious disease affecting colonies all around the world. We could be in some very serious trouble. Everyone should be planting bee friendly plants in their yards to encourage bees.

Couple of personal challenges have started too, so I'm very busy in the studio these days. More pics soon!

This afternoon I'm taking a bead crochet class at the Golden Bead Monkey in Tamarac. Should be fun!

Then back to DeLand, St. Augustine, Daytona and Melbourne to make the rounds of our future stomping grounds, and visit family and friends. Guess lots of stuff has happened this month, even though Fay kept the guys from doing much of anything last week. We sure got a lot of rain. But our property is very high and dry, so just a few branches were down. That's a blessing!

Take care!

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