Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bandana technique production mode

Dear Reader, I've been in production mode now for several days on these pages for the BookArtz technique book page swap. Every time I check the database, someone else has added their name! Since the closing day for sign up isn't until the 15th, no telling how many will join. Oy!

But never mind, I do enjoy making these. First I paint, and while that's drying I stamp some already painted pages, and while that's drying I outline. Or doodle.

You can use a couple different types of pens. Since the Inksentials (from Ranger) pen wasn't readily available, I started with a paint pen by DecoColor. It has an extra fine point which I like very much. You definitely want an extra fine or fine point pen for this! And DO NOT get a Marvy pen, boy they can make a big mess. Here's a hint for paint pens - always start them on a separate sheet of paper. I mean every time you start using them, not just the first time! Nasty little surprises are just SO unwelcome!

The Inksentials pen is just a gel pen, and it's nice, although it doesn't smell as nice as the paint pen. Both make a nice line and dot though. So either. My personal preference is the extra fine point.

I did start getting a little bored just doing the white doodles, so then I started adding some color doodles too. Would this strictly still be bandana technique? Who cares? So then, maybe the image doesn't have to be black either. And I definitely think that one should try drawing an image in black and then using the white doodles with the drawn image.

While you are doing these over and over you can think of lots of ways to change up the technique. And maybe what to cook for supper and a few other things not completely related...

But watch out! If you mind wanders too much, sloppiness happens! And everyone knows "NEATNESS COUNTS!".

On these last two pics, you can see two sizes of pen point. The fine point in the color, and the white is extra fine. It's about twice the size. For some reason the A.C. Moore only had white in the extra fine.

If you aren't already signed up, go directly to the BookArtz yahoo group and sign up! This promises to be a really great reference for altered book techniques!

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Alicia said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I wanted to do this technique book, but can't handle another huge book right now. I really like this technique. :)