Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In progress, fabric cone

Somehow I ended up working on this in two pieces, is that how you did it? Anyway, since my sewing machine is under about two feet of boxes packed for the move, I'm handsewing everything. The inside has some tulle and some lace I hand painted, a piece of my handmade paper (the pear stamped on it).

Captured some purple potpourri under a bit of lace and made a little topper with lace and peyote stitched beads, capturing some ribbons. This is the inside. Next time I'm finding some white felt and hand painting it too.

Now I'm working on the outside. Continually fussing back and forth on the shape so that the placement of the butterfly will be correct. Want it to show when the whole thing is hanging. Also redid the handle. Now it has fiber captured in a simple square knot. Think I'll cut holes now for the handle...

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