Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How Bonnie got the Aloha Bracelet

Okay, you're not supposed to brag, but this really did turn out nicely! While in Maui for friends Tracy and Dean's wedding, I picked up this great bead bracelet kit at Aloha Bead. Design by Sarah Klopping. Kit comes with everything you need except tools. It took me about three weeks after getting home to finish it.

It's a single strand of ochos, and then you keep adding dangles. It's a great style that you could make many times after you see how. The button for the closure in the kit I bought is gorgeous!

Here's the funny part. The instructions mention that you want enough dangles to cover the work around the central strand. Total obsession took over and I kept adding and adding! I'd think, well now it will be done at the end of this length of thread. And then I'd turn it over and look and think that I needed to add dangles in just a couple more spots. Two hours later I'd set it down thinking it was almost done. Well, guess what I added too many dangles! It never occurred to me that the inner circumference was shrinking, but of course it was!

So that's how Bonnie ended up with this bracelet. She loves beaded things and she was the first one I thought of when I realized that I wasn't going to be able to wear it myself.

It was so perfect too, since she had just bought a neat purple dress she will wear it with. Isn't it funny how things can work out like that?


The Tattered Rose said...

Barb, the bracelet is really, really gorgeous! Bonnie is a very lucky girl.

justthesmallstuff said...

This is awesome and love the colors!