Thursday, June 28, 2007

Do your exercises often!

Something about me - I've been to Green Mountain. If you are overweight and have tried every diet there is, then you need Green Mountain. My life has changed, my health is so much better, I have been empowered on so many levels.

All those diets? They aren't telling you the truth!! Everytime you go on one, you lower your metabolism. Yeah, you lose while you eat the diet food, but as soon as you start eating normally, you gain back! Every time you do that you harm yourself! Big time! What you have to do is to raise your metabolism - and there is only one way to do that! You already know what it is! You have to increase your lean muscle mass!

At Green Mountain, I learned that this is not as hard as you think it will be! In 4 weeks my body responded by losing more than 10 inches and 14 pounds! And it's still off, and more is coming off. Your body responds amazingly! It WANTS to do this - and it makes you feel SO GOOD!

Because I want the best for you too, dear reader, I am putting a link to another website with a free download of yoga postures. I've never met these folks, but they are giving a great gift with this. Try it. And look up Green Mountain - they're online!

FREE DVDS Yoga Online

Visit the Online yoga website
heaps of cool yoga stuff including a free downloadable Videos and DVDs.

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